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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06-08Development of the Cooperation Process for Community Health at Suan Takhrai, Muang District, Nakhon Pathom Province "Under the epidemic situation of COVID-19"Pansiri, Phiraphath; Jongsaksawat, Pathompong; Pratumsuwan, Kesinee; Kanthong, Pornsaran
2022-07-08Development of Intelligent Information System to Screen the Wearing of Masks by Machine Learning Combined with the Internet of ThingsTubtimkeaw, Pavarit; Sirisukpoca, Ubonrat; Simalaotao, Paisan
2022-07-08; 2022-07-08A Comparison of the COVID-19 Risk Prediction Model with Data Mining TechniquesSitichai, Jirayu; Sitichai, Jirayu; Palvisut, Phanaya; Palvisut, Phanaya
2022-07-08Guidelines for the operation of the village headman in the epidemic situation of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)Pengrungruangwong, Rungnapa
2022-07-08The Enhance to Wellness Tourism: The Adaptive on Hotel Business after Covid19 Crisis in ThailandLimarunothai, Wutthichai; Pipawakorn, Apichaya; Chiravongvit, Vachiraporn
2022-07-08IMPACT OF COVID-19 VIRUS SPREAD ON COVID-19 DISEASE PEVENTION BEHAVIOR AMONG PEOPLE 18-60 YEARS OLD IN MAE KA TAMBOL, MAUNG PHAYAO DISTRICT, PHAYAO PROVINCEManoton, Anukool; Juwa, Somkid; Sirinual, Suthichai; Jadsri, Somchai; Phikulthong, Tuangphorn; Sangtu, Jatuporn
2022-07-08Health belief model in COVID-19 preventive behaviors among students in Surat Thani Province Rajabhat UniversityRakpan, Wanlaya; Khongkaew, Suteera; Kassaro, Anuwat; Promjaruen, Satjaporn; Sookkul, Kantarote
2023-07-14The Role of Community Nurses in Management Long COVID-19 SymptomsOnkhamsee, Puttaporn; Waelveerakup, Wanpen
2023-07-14Risk and Resilience Factors of domestic violence against the elderly During the COVID-19 PandemicPongthong, Warisara; Waelveerakup, Wanpen; Onkhamsee, Puttaporn
2023-07-14Mental health status of the elderly during the COVID-19 epidemicKitikorn Pornma; Wariya Chankham; Hathairat Saima-in; Khanittha Tangkittiwat; Sunisa Chuaktong