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Title: The Development of e-Learning with MIAP Learning Process on Technology (Computing Science) for Grade 8 Students of Sriwichaiwithaya School
Authors: Bumerng, Sarocha
Thaiposri, Patamaporn
Keywords: e-Learning
MIAP learning process
learning achievement
Issue Date: 10-Jan-2020
Abstract: The purposes of this research study were: 1) to develop e-Learning with MIAP learning process on Technology (Computing Science) for grade 8 students of Sriwichaiwithaya school, 2) to evaluate quality of content and production techniques, 3) to compare pretest and posttest score, and 4) to study student’s satisfaction. The sample in this research study consisted of 30 students in grade 8 of Sriwichaiwithaya school. The purposive selection method was used. The research instruments included e-Learning, quality of content and production techniques evaluation from, learning achievement test, and satisfaction questionnaire. Data were analyzed using mean ( x ), standard deviation (S.D.) and dependent t-test. The research findings were as follows: 1) the e-Learning was comprised of three parts: 1.1) Computer System Principle, 1.2) Communication Technology, and 1.3) Responsible use of Information Technology, 2) the experts agreed on the e-Learning quality of content at highest level ( x = 4.83, S.D.= 0.23) and the e-Learning quality of production techniques at highest level ( x =4.85, S.D.=0.22), 3) the posttest score was significantly higher than the pretest score at .05 level, and 4) students were satisfied after learning with the e-Learning at highest level ( x =4.51, S.D.= 0.61).
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