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Title: Determination of Radiation Attenuation Coefficient on Lithium Barium Bismuth Phosphate Glasses at 662 keV
Authors: Chanthima, Natthakridta
Tongdang, Johnny
Reungsri, Suwimon
Kaewkhao, Jakrapong
Keywords: mass attenuation coefficient
radiation shielding
phosphate glass
Issue Date: 29-Mar-2561
Abstract: The aim of this research to study of the mass attenuation coefficients of lithium barium bismuth phosphate (LBBP) glasses which were prepared by the melt quenching technique. Cs-137 source was used for this experiment and measured at 662 keV gamma ray energy. The theoretical values were calculated by using WinXCom program and compared with the experimental ones. The results showed that the mass attenuation coefficients of LBBP were decrease with the increasing of BaO concentration and those had higher values of mass attenuation coefficients than standard shielding concretes.
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