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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-07-14A Preliminary Observation for Screening the Prevalence of Endosymbionts in Insects from Nakhon Pathom, ThailandThongprem, Panupong; Pratumrach, Suwitchaya; Cheensae, Sarunwitch
2023-07-14Genetic analysis of Marten's semi-slug (Parmarion martensi) in Thailand using cytochrome C oxidase subunit I GeneWongruengpibool, Suphakorn; Watthanakaiwan, Vichan; Katenate, Thasdow; Klakhaeng, Somkiat
2023-07-14Nutrition supplementation in biscuit product using amaranth powder as wheat flour replacementPanritdam, Usa; Ngamsamrit, Parnit; Arlai, Aumaporn
2023-07-14A Study of Stress Hormone Levels Before and After Enrichment in Male Elephants at Khao Kheow Open ZooPhimphisan, Arthittaya; Punkong, Chainarong; Ratchaya, Uraiwan; Piyapong, Chantima
2023-07-14Study on optimum rate of PGPR-1 bio-fertilizer application on seed germination and seedling vigor of sweet corn var. Chainat 2Ruankaew, Warakorn; Boonlertnirun, Suchada
2023-07-14Characterization of traits of landrace rice and commercial rice cultivarsSinumporn, Sitipun; Yodkonburee, Vinidda; Dukhuntod, Kanokwan; Talumphai, Sucheela
2023-07-14Studyุofุbambooุvarietyุsuitableุforุbiomassุproduction of Compressed Charcoal FuelSreeboonruang, Suchada; Jarruwat, Puttinun
2023-06-14Study on the effect of cobalt oxide doped with chromium oxide in glass from rice husk ash in Suphanburi Province.Mangthong, Pornnapha; Chinli, Natthanicha; Srisittipokakun, Nattapon
2023-06-14The Efficacy of Eucalyptus Leaves Crude Extracts for Controlling Mango Anthracnose Disease Caused by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides.Usuwan, Pornpan; Karoojee, Supasuta; Kongsee, Saowanee; Pompranee, Pitakpong; Thongtawee, Saksit
2023-07-14Development of glass materials using rubber wood ashes from a biomass power plant in Yala ProvinceKhuenchaiphum, Sombun; Rachniyom, Watcharin