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Title: Local Wisdom to Useful in Turbine baler for Agriculture and Conserve Natural Patao River ChaiyaPhum Province
Authors: Mahamit, Warawut
Nilkron, Paranee
Nakamadee, Benchamaphorn
Keywords: turbine
river baler
local wisdom
Issue Date: 9-Jul-2020
Publisher: Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University
Abstract: A baler is a local wisdom in creating tools for water management by moving water from one place to another or continuously drawing up water to a high level. Nowadays, this folk technology is disappearing with time. The objective of this research is to study the wisdom of using the baler for agriculture and preserving the natural environment. Including guidelines for preserving and inheriting the wisdom of the baler In the Pathao River area, Mueang District, Chaiyaphum Province The main population of the research consists of villagers' sages or people who are Mr. Chaiwat Wongchoo and 7 Thai researchers and 30 young people participating in the activity. Qualitative research is conducted by the research method. There are steps as follows: 1) Survey, compile and study the wisdom of the utilization of the baler machine in the Prachatai River by taking a photo survey together with in-depth interviews from key informants. 2) Study of guidelines for conserve And carry on the wisdom of using the benefits of the baler from the villagers And youth in the community By using focus group discussions, data analysis using content analysis The research findings can be summarized as follows: 1) In the Pathao River, Muang District, Chaiyaphum Province A total of 17 units across the Prao River.mainly used for agriculture. 2) Guidelines for preserving and inheriting the wisdom of the baler is 2.1) create a model or model of the turbine baler By scaling down proportionally Designed and decorated to be beautiful, exotic and modern Then can be sold as souvenirs Which can increase income for people in the community. 2.2) Create a webpage of the Prawat River Basin Learning Center, an online database of Chaiyaphum province. Is a source of learning for those interested And is a medium for selling products. 2.3) Promote as an experience and conservation tourist attraction. 2.4) Bring lessons for local schools. And teaching and learning in the practice to promote the modeling skills for students in the community, which is to carry on and preserve the local wisdom.
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