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Title: Vehicle Tracking System using Google Map API and LabVIEW
Authors: Cheunta, Weerasak
Chirdchoo, Nitthita
Boonprachak, Dech
Wanrakchareonrung, Kiattisak
Keywords: vehicle tracking system
Internet of things
Google map API
Issue Date: 10-Jul-2020
Abstract: This work proposes a development of vehicle tracking system using Google map API and LabVIEW. The system can perform real-time tracking on vehicle’s speed and location. The system includes a location detector unit and a server. The location detector unit utilizes a microprocessor ATmega2560 and a 3G UC20-G extension board. The extension board comes with a GNSS sensor installed. The location detector unit is used to acquire the current position and other vehicle’s movement related information (e.g., latitude, longitude, speed and timestamp). This information is then sent to and recorded at a real-time Google Firebase database. The server with LabVIEW installed constantly downloads vehicle’s information from Google Firebase database into its SQLite database. LabView is then used to present and analyze the route, distance and speed of the vehicle on the map in real-time. The system is able to alert if the speed of any vehicle exceeds the threshold
Appears in Collections:Proceedings of the 12th NPRU National Academic Conference

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