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Title: The Knowledge and Understanding of Law Officer about Digital Image Forensic
Authors: Thongnititarakul, Narakorn
Kulnides, Narong
Keywords: The Knowledge
Law Officer
Digital Image Forensic
Issue Date: 14-Jul-2023
Publisher: The 15th NPRU National Academic Conference Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University
Series/Report no.: Proceedings of the 15th NPRU National Academic Conference;1336
Abstract: knowledge about digital photography. Quantitative and qualitative research styles the research tools were a questionnaire and interview form the samples consisted of 1) 30 lawyers working under the municipality in Rayong Province by collecting data from 30 lawyers and 2) 3 experienced lawyers with knowledge and understanding of digital photography. Data were analyzed by using percentage, frequency, mean, and standard deviation, comparison of means between two independent groups of samples (ttest), one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA), and content analysis. The research results revealed that 1) lawyers' level of knowledge and understanding regarding digital photography was at a high level. When considering each aspect, it was found that lawyers' level of expertise and experience in digital photography was high, and confidence in discovering facts about digital photographic evidence at the level of knowledge was at a high level. And the body of knowledge in finding facts using digital photographic evidence increased the level of expertise. Completion of the Barrister-at-Law Program, age, position, work experience the average monthly income with different levels of knowledge and understanding about digital photography hasn’t other in the overall picture and 3) the fact-finding guideline of lawyers about digital images found that there should be adequate personnel management. Per-demand Agencies should support purchasing digital photographic fact-finding equipment and tools. Training should be organized, and arrange a working visit for lawyers to increase their knowledge and ability to work.
ISBN: 978-974-7063-43-1
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