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Title: The key to life and the secrets of the millionaire's heart
Other Titles: กุญแจชีวิตกับเคล็ดลับของหัวใจเศรษฐี
Authors: Chakkornburi, Artcharaporn
Keywords: Keys to life
millionaire's heart.
Issue Date: 8-Jul-2022
Publisher: The 14th NPRU National Academic Conference Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University
Abstract: This article aims to study and analyze. “The key to life and the secrets of the millionaire's heart “ found that the secret of a millionaire's heart is “uh ah ka sa”, which is abbreviated as “Hard to find, treat well, bond with good friends. live sufficiently” which is the best principle that can be used to solve social problems Please bring it to practice in our daily life truly and be a virtue that is essential and extremely important today called The four “Ditthamikatta 4” are: (1) utthana sampada with diligence, which is diligence in the performance of duties; Preserving wealth and works that one has done with diligence. (3) Kalpayanamittata associating with good people, that is, knowing how to determine people in their place of residence; and (4) samjiva has a proper living, that is, knowing how to determine income and living expenses but in moderation. which is consistent with the concept of sufficiency economy in terms of knowing sufficiency having moderation in consumption and lifestyle, having stability in mind and being careless, knowing thrifty, saving, knowing self-There is a saving, known about the consumption in the expenditure of property. Know the sufficiency Know how to minimize the use of available resources. by getting the most benefit from using it Know how to spend money when it's time to spend by knowing the value of money do not waste or used incorrectly But it doesn't mean keeping it without paying at all. Must be known know how to store properly in living with wisdom diligent endeavor to develop life in economic status by mainly being self-sufficient Emphasis on knowing how to live know how to spend and maintain the acquired wealth Know how to live a life, but it is suitable for oneself. Take care of their business on a regular basis not giving up, teaching them to act with their own efforts. Know that their position, status, occupation, and work have duties and responsibilities Therefore; it will be the cause to achieve success in accordance with the duties and responsibilities itself.
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