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Title: The Development Online Lesson with Think-Pair-Share in Technology (Computing Science) for Students 9 Banbangsaphannoi School
Other Titles: การพัฒนาบทเรียนออนไลน์ ร่วมกับเทคนิคการเรียนรู้แบบเพื่อนคู่คิด รายวิชาเทคโนโลยี (วิทยาการคำนวณ) สำหรับนักเรียนชั้นมัธยมศึกษาปีที่ 3 โรงเรียนบ้านบางสะพานน้อย
Authors: Sakulkaew, Thidarut
Srichailard, Uraiwan
Keywords: e-learning
Think Pair Share
learning achievement
Issue Date: 8-Jul-2022
Publisher: The 14th NPRU National Academic Conference Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University
Abstract: The purposes of the research is 1) develop of online lesson with Think-Pair-Share in technology course (computational science). For Students 9 Banbangsaphannoi School. 2) find the efficiency of online lesson with Think-Pair-Share developed. 3) compare the learning achievement before and after learning with online lesson with Think-Pair-Share developed. And 4) study students satisfaction towards learning with the online lesson developed. The sample user in this research ware 21 students, 9 Banbangsaphannoi School using a simple random method. The research instruments were online lesson, management learning plan, Pre-test, Post-test and satisfaction questionnaire. The statistics used in data analysis were mean, standard deviation, t-test. The research findings showed that 1) Developing online lessons using techniques Think-Pair-Share the results of the assessment found that the content suitability was at the highest level, ( x = 4.53, S.D. = 0.63) and the suitability in the media production technique is at the highest level, (x = 4.57, S.D. = 0.57). 2) Results of a study on the effectiveness of developed online lessons was found to be equal to 83.81/83.97 which was highest than the standard criteria of 80/80. 3) Academic achievement of students taking online lessons it was found that there were scores after studying ( x = 25.19, S.D. = 1.97) higher than before ( x = 8.24, S.D. = 3.11). the statistical significant level of .05. 4) The results of the questionnaire on the satisfaction of students with online lessons. found to be at the highest level, ( x = 4.77, S.D. = 0.42).
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