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Title: Diversity of Algae Species in the Upper Tha Chin River
Other Titles: ความหลากชนิดของสาหร่ายในแม่น้ำท่าจีนตอนบน
Authors: Martsri, Kittithat
Thinkaew, Inthira
Homthong, Methanee
Keywords: Biodiversity
Tha Chin River
Issue Date: 8-Jul-2022
Publisher: The 14th NPRU National Academic Conference Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University
Abstract: The study on the diversity of algae in the upper Tha Chin River was carried out between January to March 2022. The samples were collected once a month from 10 various areas in the Tha Chin River that flows through Si Prachan District and Mueang Suphan Buri District, Suphanburi Province. A plankton sac, 10 micrometers in size, is used to collect samples at a depth of 30 cm by drawing approximately 5 meters parallel to the water surface. The total number of algae obtained was divided into 6 divisions, 20 families, 35 genera, and 75 species. Chlorophyta was found in the highest number with 44 species (57%), followed by Bacillariophyta with 14 species (18%), Cyanophyta, Euglenophyta, Pyrrhophyta, and Chrysophyta, respectively. The spread of each algae species during the study months revealed no significant difference (P<0.05), as well as among the sampling stations. The diversity index (H􀁣) of algae in the areas ranged from 4.128 - 4.259. The dominant algae found in all sites were Ankistrodesmus sp., Euglena sp., Gyrosigma sp., Phacus sp., Surirella sp. and Lyngbya sp..
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