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Title: Visit "Chum Saeng" to retrace the old community along the prosperous Nan river, follow in the footsteps of the good drama called Repercussion
Other Titles: เยือน "ชุมแสง" ย้อนอดีตชุมชนเก่าริมน้ำน่านอันรุ่งเรือง ตามรอยละครน้ำดีเรื่อง กรงกรรม
Authors: Boonchuay, Krissanabhat
Keywords: tourist attraction
Chum Saeng
Nakhon Sawan
Issue Date: 8-Jul-2021
Publisher: The 13th NPRU National Academic Conference Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University
Abstract: This academic article aimed to be a part of the sustainable development and promotion of tourist attractions in Chum Saeng District, Nakhon Sawan Province. Nakhon Sawan Province was one of the provinces of Thailand and was a popular destination for tourists, both Thai and foreign, as it was a prosperous province that was originally both a rice harbour and a bustling trading community. Now, the glory of the past has faded. Chum Saeng today is a small and quiet district, but still has a slow-life charm to visit. This reinforces the memorable image, and after the release of Repercussion, Chum Saeng has come to life with more people visiting to follow the sights of the Repercussion. If anyone has visited, it is believed that they will experience the community lifestyle, culture, old houses, and other important places. In addition, they will find the smiles and friendship of Chum Saeng people, it is important to impress and add to the charm of this community to be more visited.
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