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Title: Knowledge, Attitude and Dengue Fever Prevention Behavior of Village Volunteers
Other Titles: ความรู้ ทัศนคติและพฤติกรรมการป้องกันโรคไข้เลือดออก ของอาสาสมัครสาธารณสุขประจำหมู่บ้าน
Authors: Srila-ong, Dhanadhip
Arjwet, Wariya
Laokhompruttajarn, Jiratchaya
Keywords: Knowledge
prevention behaviors
dengue hemorrhagic fever
Issue Date: 8-Jul-2021
Publisher: The 13th NPRU National Academic Conference Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University
Abstract: This descriptive research aimed to study knowledge, attitudes and dengue hemorrhagic fever ( DHF) prevention behaviors of the public health volunteers at Phon Thong sub-district, Mueang district, Chaiyaphum province. The sample group in this study with number of 161 systematic random sampling was used. The data collection was a questionnaire which was verified content validity from 3 experts. The reliability of the questionnaire on the attitude and prevention of dengue has the statistic confidence level of .75, .80 and the test knowledge factor of Kuder-Richardson had a value of 0.78. Data were analyzed using percentage, mean, average, standard deviation ,minimum, maximum and Pearson’s product moment correlation. The result found that the most sample population is the female (81.0 percent) with age from 50-59 years, and almost samples (90%), have been never infected with dengue hemorrhagic fever and have been work experience 10-19 years (37%). Knowledge and attitude of DHF prevention behaviors were 95.00 (Mean = 0.86, S.D. = 0.10) and 90.00 percentage (Mean = 4.12, S.D. = 0.33) in good level. Behaviors of DHF prevention behaviors were 65.00 percentage (Mean = 2.46, S.D. = 0.28). Correlation between the knowledge and the attitude inverse the behavior of DHF prevention has significant (p = -0.015, r =0.50). The result suggested that the health care practitioners should be concerned about the public coordination by focusing on the partnership and strength of community DHF prevention.
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