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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-07-08Development of corn-based insulationKleemanakij, Krit; Chanhom, Thanyaporn; Kirdsiri, Keerati; Srisittipokakun, Nattapon
2021-07-08Development of imitation black spinel from pineapple leavesMangthong, Pornnapha; Sangsawat, Yinda; Mahingsa, Nattaporn; Srisittipokakun, Nattapon
2022-07-08Development of pink glass using low melting temperaturesKokprasert, Kanya; Srisittipokakun, Nattapon
2022-07-08Development of Thermal Insulator from Sugarcane LeavesThongchainumchok, Kanittha; Phutthaheng, Wannisa; Kirdsiri, Keerati; Srisittipokakun, Nattapon
2020-07-09Effect of Eu3+ on luminescence property in LiBaGdSi glassMasin, Wassana; Yonphon, Supakit; Srisittipokakun, Nattapon; วาสนา มาศิลป์; พละพล ยลพันธ์; ณัฐพล ศรีสิทธิโภคกุล
2022-07-08Production of Insulation from Pineapples Fiber and RubberTiangtham, Chaleamchai; Prommakun, Soros; Kirdsiri, Keerati; Srisittipokakun, Nattapon
2022-07-08Study of Chemical Composition of White Rice Husks and Hom Pathum Rice that were Calcined at Different TemperaturesTusakad, Benjamas; Kamyat, Sirirat; Kirdsiri, Keerati; Srisittipokakun, Nattapon
2022-07-08A Study of Learning Achievement in Physics Subject Friction of Mathayom Suksa 4 Students at Wat Huay Chorakhe Wittayakom School by using a Learning Set Friction Issues with Water Bottle CapsAuinanthaphithak, Kanjana; Srisittipokakun, Nattapon
2022-07-08A Study of Learning Achievement in Physics Subject Simple Harmonic Motion of Mathayom Suksa 5 students at Phanomthuanchanupatham School by using Simple Harmonic Motion with ArduinoPromsagon, Nutthaphon; Srisittipokakun, Nattapon
2022-07-08Study on moisture absorption of coffee groundsThongphaphumpridi, Oranit; Roikaew, Chatcha; Kirdsiri, Keerati; Srisittipokakun, Nattapon
2022-07-08A Study on Physics Learning Achievement in Projectile Motion of The Students in Mathayomsuksa 4 at Phanom Thuan Pittayakhom School by Using Projectile Launcher Activity Set with Ping Pong BallPiyapan, Tanchanok; Srisittipokakun, Nattapon