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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-07-09Factors affecting marketing mix in decision making to study in Matthayom 1 and 4 of Phattharayan Witthaya SchoolMakham, Nisarat; Chomsri, Petcharat; Siriseri, Siriporn; Numwong, Inthira; Tanyong, Pongsan; Nimitsadikul, Patcharakan; นิศารัตน์ มาคำ; เพชรรัตน์ โฉมศรี; สิริพร ศิริเสรี; อินทิรา นุ่มวงศ์'; พงษ์สันติ์ ตันหยง; พัชรกันต์ นิมิตรศดิกุล
2020-07-09Satisfaction with the marketing mix of mobile banking users in Nakhon Pathom ProvinceSorsaart, Benjarat; Chantee, Salinee; Numwong, Inthira; Tanyong, Pongsan; เบญจรัตน์ สอสะอาด; สาลิณี จันที; พงษ์สันติ์ ตันหยง; พัชรกันต์ นิมิตรศดิกุล
2021-07-08Factors affecting effectiveness of personnel under local administrative organizations in Ratchaburi ProvinceRattanadilok na Phuket, Atthaphon; Tanyong, Pongsan; Klaychanpong, Hansa
2021-07-08COMPOSITE INDICATORS OF LEARNING ORGANIZATION OF CIVIL COURT IN BANGKOKchasirikul, Chanunchida; Tanyong, Pongsan; Klaychanpong, Hansa
2021-07-08Factors Brand Value Influencing Consumers Purchase Decision of Housing Project in Nakhonpathom provinceWandee, Thidarut; Tanyong, Pongsan; Klaychanpong, Hansa
2021-07-08COMPOSITION OF CONSUMER’ LOYALTY THROUGH E-COMMERCEChanachaisit, Sahaphat; Tanyong, Pongsan; Klaychanpong, Hansa
2021-07-08Factors Affecting the Operational Efficiency of Company Employees, Oil Pipeline Equipment Sales Business in BangkokBoonrod, Jaruwan; Khongkhaluang, Duangjai; Tanyong, Pongsan
2021-07-08Marketing factors from the consumer perspective, Brand image, Trust Affecting the decision making process of buying whey high Protien in Bangkok and VicinityWetcharitthikun, Nonthana; Arpornpisal, Chanapong; Tanyong, Pongsan
2021-07-08Factors affecting the productivity development of support staff in Nakhon Pathom Rajabht UniversityPrasopsuk, Piriyaporn; Arpornpisal, Chanapong; Tanyong, Pongsan
2021-07-08Factors Affecting Customer Loyalty, Electrical Maintenance System Service Business in Bangkok and Metropolitan AreasChitladapong, Usana; Arpornpisal, Chanapong; Tanyong, Pongsan