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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07-08Sufficiency Agricultural Philosopher In the Footsteps of the King: Using the principles of sufficiency economy Case studies Mr. Sutham Chanon, Philosopher studied in the Nakhon Pathom ProvinceRattananon, Titakom; Wangsuk, Thitiworada; Sutharkittiwut, Bundit; rodarom, Bunyarit
2021-07-08Dharma Puzzle from Buddhist Art in the Local community of Nakhon Pathom ProvinceAeimchalouy, Thanapanya; Makchiao, Kamonmat; Raksin, Chaiyawat; Srilamduan, Taiphob; Tritanya, Phatsara
2021-07-08Integrated Marketing Management guidelines to promote INNO-Life Tourism-Based of Lao Khrang Ethnic Group in Huay Muang, Kampangsaeng district, Nakhon Pathom.Pumdeeying, Nuttawan
2021-07-08An analysis Study of the outstanding local wisdom of the Lao Khrang ethnic group in Nakhon Pathom Province.Boonma, Narongwas
2021-07-08Earrings Fashion, Transcendent Beauty in Stucco Sculptures in Dvaravati Era.Jindawattanaphum, Supitchar
2021-07-08Food Waste Reduction for King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi.Charoennaiwongpao, Sirimporn; Yaovasuwanchail, Sorawit
2021-07-08Buddhism and the Environmentphetann, Kanchalika; Arngthong, jittraphat; Jampatem, Peerapon; Sri-in, Puangpaka
2021-07-08"Buddhist principles and the power concept of "Bowon" (Ban, Temple, School) to promote the conservation of the Chedi Bucha Canal"Khamfad, Phattarinee; Luengworrawattana, Preeyaporn; Magod-in, Phanida
2021-07-08Study of Buddhist principles to promote the preservation of the natural environmentPradit, Chalita; Yotphrom, Khemakson; Daengkrachang, Nattarika
2021-07-08Factors associated with pregnancy risk behavior of the third year female students of the faculty of science and technology Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat Universitysukaiam, Sutticha; siangli, Tittaporn; Obonyam, Oranat; ninkron, Paranee; Khuntiterakul, Praphan; Umpipan, Ukit; Petchthiranon, Warisa